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If You Are Not Enjoying Life, Change Something

Writing Services

Life Coaching Services

S.R. John

Author, Writer, Life Coach, 

Writing Services

A Communications graduate, I am a writer, author of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a columnist for a magazine. I can assist with your creative content, such as creative writing, blogs, editing, instructional, how-to articles, and more. If you are running into roadblocks with your own stories, I can assist with ghostwriting, working closely with you to help generate ideas for the story. I also write biographies and autobiographies which help preserve your family's memories. I can show you ways to cut your costs when publishing your own books and provide some other tips and information during the process. 

Coaching Services

As a Life Coach, mainly working with caregivers, I draw on my knowledge, skills, and experiences from being a caregiver myself in the past, twice.

Many caregivers suffer mentally and physically, as they juggle all the duties of caring for loved ones. Often taking care of themselves is the last thing they pay attention to. Before they know it, they can become sick themselves. 

I offer support and work with you to develop ways to assist you to manage your days. We will set goals that you can use to adjust your days so you are not getting overwhelmed.

 If you are struggling with your caregiving role, don't wait until you become ill. Reach out for help now. 

Book Gallery

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Be there for all your loved ones.


Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby: "I can see the movie. Great read! I found myself eager for the next opportunity to read another chapter. The similarity between the world of the living and the world of the dead is very interesting. I love how the nephew gets to develop a relationship with his Aunt who had passed away. Great read for teens."


Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby: "Great Story. I bought this book for my 11 year old grandson and he loved it. He hopes that the author will write more."


Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-care: "This book is a gift. Pass on my regards to SRJ".


Writing Services: After reading Sebastiana's book and having many talks with her I love her incredible ability to find the words to express feelings and experiences. When my Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's I noticed not long after how hard it was becoming for him to express himself. I reached out to Sebastiana to help him to write his story. Her compassionate demeanor allowed my Dad to share his story. The priceless gift I am so thankful for because it helped my Dad to realize he has a story. Thank you Sebastiana.

Diane Marven

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