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Breath Deep Because Breathing Is Our Life Force

During the many times I was caring for a loved one I was so stressed and very tired from all I was doing that I think sometimes, I forgot to breathe. I would catch myself taking huge, purposeful breaths at some point during the day. It was like I was trying to catch up on the many times I didn’t breathe because, well, there was so much to do and I was exhausted.

Sometimes a big yawn would come and I would stop to take it in, but only if I felt I could at that moment. So, I got to thinking, what am I doing to myself? Why would I not take in that breath? Something that was so important to stay alive. Yet, I would not make any changes. The next day and the next were one and the same. I was getting up early to prepare any medication for my loved one, checking in on my family and starting the day. I hadn’t slept all night, staying up with my loved one. Come to think of it, it wasn’t that much different when I was with my spouse who had a mental disorder.

Breathing is our life force so why do we do such shallow breathing, which doesn’t help our bodies? I thought I would work on my breathing during meditation. Something that I had started to do many years ago. I found it took a while to get it right. I didn’t want to do the deep, deep breathing. It was work. Was it necessary? Wasn’t I taking in some breaths? The breaths my body took in normally, every day? Yes, I was breathing but not correctly. It was almost like I had to relearn how to breathe properly. Down from the diaphragm. Deep down. Not in the chest, but I had to let that diaphragm expand. Lord knows we had done enough breathing exercises in my radio classes in school. Why was it that I had done it all properly then, to the point where my voice deepened so deep, I sounded like a news anchor yet, when it came to every day, normal breathing, years later I had forgotten all that I had learned?

Stress, Stress, Stress? Maybe. Too much on the mind? Maybe. Shallow breathing ain’t gonna help nobody. I know, I was telling myself that, so I sat down every day, when I could at least and started to re-learn how to breathe properly. Can you believe it? I had to teach myself how to breathe right. But it’s something some of us don’t do very often at all. It’s almost like a forgotten ability we have. So, when you are having a moment, breathe. When you are stressed, breathe. When you are still -Breatheeeee! And enjoy life, one moment at a time – one breath at a time.

Sending love,

S.R. John

S.R. John is a Writer, Author, Life Coach and Columnist. She offers various Writing services as well as Life Coaching services, dealing with caregivers looking after their loved ones. As a caregiver herself to both a spouse who was diagnosed with Bipolar and then to a parent, she understands the importance of self-care when it comes to looking after ourselves during difficult times. She is the author of, ‘Bipolar Love Experiencing Mental Illness From The Other Side A Love Story’, ‘Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care’, a book for caregivers, as well as a children’s fiction book, ‘Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby. You can check out her books on or visit her site at Her email address is also listed below.

Life Coach - Coaching the Caregiver - Supporting those that care for loved ones

Books: Bipolar Love Experiencing Mental Illness From The Other Side A Love Story (fiction)

Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care (non-fiction)

Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby (fiction for young and old)

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