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Emotional IMBalance

Spring is officially a few days away and so is the removal of our masks in our province. Finally, after two years of having to hide our smiles, keep our distance and limit socializing. Coming out of hibernation from what to me felt like a long winter, I grabbed my bag and off I went for a walk. Happy not to have to wear boots or bundle up tight from the cold. Today, the sun was shining so bright and I enjoyed its warmth on my face.

My neighbourhood is not a busy one, so many of us have walked around without covering our faces unless heading to high traffic areas. As I found myself closer to the business area, I decided to walk into one of the stores and grab an item. I had my mask with me but honestly thought today was the day of freedom and I was done with them. Only, I was three days early. I walked into the first store and no one said anything. Walking into the second store, again no one said anything to me except when I had to pay for my purchase.

The saleslady, who was behind plexiglass and had her mask on, took a step back. Looking at her, I realized that either she was not ready to remove her mask, or I was too early in removing mine. I realized I was the early bird. Apologizing, I thought of taking out my mask, but thinking it would be faster to pay and leave I took out my wallet, paying cash.

Most of the world has removed their masks and many have walked around without them. But for us, the removal date is on Monday. Today was Friday. When it came time to scan my loyalty card, I of course scanned it and realizing the woman didn’t even want to handle my purchase, I scanned that too.

My heart actually went out to this woman. All I kept thinking of was how she and many were going to feel come Monday when masks are no longer mandatory and have to be re-introduced to the world and the air we breathe along with the germs. We have had to wear these masks for so long, it’s going to be difficult for many to change their way of thinking. Our brains have told us that masks meant safety, distance meant safety. But it’s time. Show your pearly whites! No more fogged glasses or rashes on our faces from those masks. No more fiddling to find your mask when you know you’ve left it in the car or on the table at home or goodness knows where else. Yes, I and many others will be happy to not have to wear them. But many will have a difficult time. Here comes more emotional imbalance in our lives. It’s going to be tough to walk past someone on the street for example, and not veer away from them. As if there weren’t enough emotions circulating, with having to change our way of life recently.

In the old days, gloves were used to keep germs away and we eventually stopped wearing them. Think of the many smiles you will be looking at and how wonderful life is without having to hide behind a mask. Literally, or figuratively. Let’s move past this and begin to rewire our brains again so that we can function in society and regain some of the normal world we left behind two years ago. Let’s breathe in the fresh air that was given to us from the Universe as nature cleanses it, as the wind blows or the rain falls and does its magic so we can thrive.

That’s it, thrive, survive, live and enjoy life. Take a walk and enjoy nature. Met your loved ones, your friends. Yes, I understand it’s going to take a while for all of us to acclimatize. Don’t worry about what has passed. We have moved on. We have to, otherwise, we will not grow. As a species, we have survived so much more. We can do this! We can! Let me see that smile on your face. Take a deep breath! Can you feel the air as it’s flowing into your bodies? That - is - Life!

If you are struggling with emotions, don't wait until you can't cope. Reach out for help.

SR John

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