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Love Always Wins

Love Always Wins

Love always wins. You can feel the energy of love when you walk into a room and know it’s going to be a good night. There is laugher and no judgement in the air. There is just acceptance of a soul-to-soul meeting. Respect for who you are no matter how different. True we must all find our clans for we will not be accepted in every group. Yet. But our inner innate knowing will guide us.

Love makes us stronger when we hold it in our hearts. For ourselves, for others, for the world. Find that love deep inside of you. Look in the mirror. See the dimples, the freckles and all your imperfections which are a part of you. The You we see. We as the outsiders do not see your imperfections as you do. You want to change this or that and that’s ok, but we see the You we love. The You that you are Now, in front of us shining your light.

Open your eyes. Don’t sit in the dark. Shine that light upon the masses. You will have it shine right back to you. It can begin with a little smile, bringing a sparkle to your eyes which makes another smile too. It can grow into the brightest light that emanates from your heart. That is the love that you share with yourself, with others and yes again, with the world. It is the Love that Always wins. And makes our world brighter.

Love, Laugh, Sing.

S. R. John

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