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Move Into The River

Like the rapids where the water crashes up against the rocks and moves violently about. So can our emotions be at times. Crazy, unpredictable, angry outbursts of deep feelings, wanting to release the violent storm inside of us. Not understanding the world, the people around us.

But, just stop. Just stop. Take a moment. Sit and go within. Be still. Be quiet. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to your breath as it moves deeply in and out. In with love, out with negativity, anger and all that does not serve you anymore.

Cry out if you must. Yell out the anger. But come back to hearing your heartbeat. Focus on your breath and slow it down to a comfortable rhythm. Let your emotions flow freely into the river. Think of new ideas, changes to better your life. Then find the calmness, the stillness of the ocean. Find your peace.

We spend our lives getting angry with one another, never really understanding what that anger does to us or the world around us. You get angry at the person who cut you off in traffic, so instead of driving on, you show him your hand and it’s not the ring finger you have up. Unknowingly, that anger just perpetuates more negative feelings. They believed they were right. You believed you were. Does it really matter, because both of you have now increased the anger within? Both will go home angry, only to anger another, and that will also continue.

When does it end? When do we stop and instead love one another? To understand another’s pain and care enough to help, not fight or lash out.

Take a moment and look at the world around you. It is a world we have created. A world we can change to be more loving. If that is what we want.

Make the Change Be the Change

S. R. John

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