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Writing Was My Stress Release When Caregiving

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to my Blog! So happy we can share some time together.

Hi, I'm Author and Life Coach SR John. Whether you are here for my Writing blogs or my Self-Care or Caregiving Blogs I hope you will find information, inspiration, and interesting topics for you to enjoy.

When one is caregiving, we can be inundated with stress and self-care is the last thing we think about. We work hard at making sure our loved ones are well looked after, but we don't look after our own needs, because, well, frankly, there just isn't any time. In both situations when I was caregiving, my writing was what kept me sane. It used to be going to the gym but things change with time. I would take a moment here and there to work on my project, so it took me years to finally get my first book out. But I was proud of myself that I did it! We never do give ourselves enough credit in life, do we? I persevered and in the end, I had a book I was happy with. In the process of it all, I remembered how much I love to write.

In the bigger picture, I now have a book that I can share with the world, and bring some smiles to other people's faces. We should never give up on our dreams or the things that bring us joy. Those things motivate us and help us to enjoy life. They are our stress releases. Often times, the things we do or say can influence others in a positive way without us even realizing we have touched somebody else with our words or actions.

When I began writing my first novel, I wanted to write something that I could enjoy reading with my young child, once they grew a little older. At the time they were only two months old. My book 'Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby', was that story. It's for young and old. It's funny, suspenseful and has some good lessons for young and old.

When it came to my caregiving duties, I learned a lot. Both my roles were very different. Both were challenging. So, that was when I picked up my writing again. Most of us find ways to adapt to difficult times in our lives. Some people do not and this can put them in a negative mood, making them ill in the process. As I went along my own caregiving journey I realized that even though the writing was helping me to destress, there were still other things I had to put into place to improve my quality of life so that I could still be available for those I loved.

In my book, 'Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps,' sold on Amazon, discusses simple steps we all know we should do, but forget about. These steps can help us navigate our day and make things easier to handle.

Life may have its challenges, but there is no reason why we can't change some things here and there to make it easier for us. So, when you are feeling overwhelmed in your caregiving duties, take a step back and put some steps in place that will enable you to enjoy life. Not give it up only to have you become ill too.

Contact me and we can discuss ways in which you can change your life around to enjoy it, allowing those around you to enjoy you.

SR John

Author of Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby and

Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care

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