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S.R. John

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Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby

Writing Services

As a writer, I have self-published, fiction and non-fiction books, for young and old. I have co-authored another book and I am also a columnist for, 'A Beautiful Life Magazine'. I have several other projects I am working on.

I usually get my ideas through my dreams but life alone is an inspiration. I love that we can use words to express feelings, reactions, and more. How many movies, songs, books, and poems have moved you just from the words? Publishing my own books these past few years has taught me a lot about self-publishing. Gone are the days when it can be expensive. When I wrote my first book, "Ghost Detective The Magic Ruby", sold on Amazon, there was still a lot I didn't know. There are many free tools you can use to help you in your writing journey today. Who knew! 

If you love to write, explore your gifts because unless you get started you will not know the magic within you.

If you need assistance with your writing projects, contact me and we can discuss working together to let your dreams come alive! 

I feel each and every one of us has a talent. It's just finding out what that is and sharing it with the world. 


Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps

Coaching Services


As a previous caregiver,  I found myself in the caregiving role, shortly after marriage, with a spouse who suffered from a mental illness. I was dealing with more than what I was equipped to handle. 

Having to leave that relationship years later due to safety concerns, my young child and I began a new life. But yet again, I found myself in the caregiving role, looking after an ill parent after a life-altering event.

I was struggling with my own health after a major illness that changed my life drastically and suffered from guilt and anger at not being able to help more. But family duties thrust me into the role and expected more of me. Family pressures also played a role in my stress levels. My other ailing parent and I were up day and night and we were both beyond exhaustion. We were not sleeping much and not eating right either. There was no time. I realized one day I had to put some steps in place to help me function through the day as I tried to help my loved ones in whatever way I could.

I have worked as a volunteer and with other caregivers and the story is usually the same. We lose ourselves in the caregiving role and don't look after our needs. This can make us ill.  It can be mentally and physically stressful and overwhelming. There are many dynamics that can rattle even the calmest person, believe me. 

Knowing what worked for me I now share my knowledge and experience to help other caregivers navigate their world. 

If you are overwhelmed with your duties, don't wait until you fall ill yourself. Make some changes in your life and reach out for support if you are struggling. 

You can check out my book that outlines some simple steps we can take to help ourselves. Steps we often forget about. You can find it on Amazon, called, "Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care.",

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