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Writing And Coaching

I offer Writing Services as well as Life Coaching Services. 

Writing Services 

As a self-published author of fiction and non-fiction, co-author, and columnist, I have worked on various writing services such as Editing, Ghost Writing, and Life Stories. I have formated my own work and even made my own cover page for my latest book. 


We can discuss your writing needs and work together on your projects. Whether that is for ghostwriting, life stories, writing creative content, copywriting for instructional or How-to Articles, or other work. We will look at editing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of facts and ensure the work flows. 


We can explore ideas for writing topics if you are looking to write your own story. I can assist in writing a chapter for you, or multiple chapters, based on what you are looking for. 

Through writing and editing my own work, I have found different tools and sites that enabled me to get my second book out and published at a fraction of the cost that my first published book cost. So, if you are willing to learn, I can suggest some information that will help you to do some of the work yourself.

My writing is what kept me sane during difficult times. I have found joy through it and I want to remind you that whatever it is that you love, don't leave it behind as you live your life. Do what brings you joy. Even if it's time with a friend. 

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Writing is a great tool that we can all share information or just entertain through our stories. So, if you love writing but keep thinking you will start one day, maybe today is the day.  

Contact me for more information on my writing services and let's begin your writing journey.


You can also contact me at:, or on Facebook at SR Johnofficial.


Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps

'Me' Time is Important
Eat - Rest - Play
Enjoy Life!

On a Walk
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Coaching The Caregiver

As a Caregiver looking after two very different situations, I learned a lot. I first dealt with a spouse that had a mental illness, and later with an ill parent who had a life-changing event and needed more attention than I could physically provide. My own health continued to deteriorate. Looking back years later, I should have done many things differently. One thing remained the same. I continued to live for everyone else, putting my own health and needs aside. I was not important. Guilt, stress, and more ate at me as I tried to look after my loved ones but was not able to do so in the way I knew I could have in the past. I was also trying to raise my young child as a single mother, after having to leave my marriage behind when the environment was not safe to stay in.

We often forget about looking after our own health when we are caring for others. As a Life Coach working mainly with other caregivers, I like to use my knowledge and experiences to guide others during these difficult times.

I provide support to caregivers juggling mental, physical, and also financial challenges. We will talk about situations you can change to improve your environment and maintain balance in your life. We will look at different situations that can help reduce getting overwhelmed or feeling guilty taking some much-needed downtime. 


We are important too. In order to continue looking after your loved ones, not only those that need more of you but your entire family, you need some quality of life too. Because your world will crumble before you even realize what is happening if you don't get a handle on what's going on. Not only with you and your health but the rest of the family as they too deal with the situations around them. 

For anyone who wishes to check out my, "Bipolar Love Caring For The Caregiver 8 Simple Steps To Self-Care", on Amazon, you will see how easy it is to forget looking after ourselves when we are so engrossed in our caregiving duties. I was deep in it too, so I know how difficult it is to stop and do something for you.

Contact me for more information on my coaching services and let's begin your journey to health.


You can also contact me at:, or on Facebook at :

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